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Friday, 4 July 2014

Kentucky IPA

Kentucky IPA (6.5%)
(4th of July Special)

Kentucky and foreign Indian pale ale? Shouldn't go together. I smell something fishy. And its not just the cod and chips that's been brought in. We've done research. 1999... ok. New to the scene. 

Smell is promising. The taste is hoppy and is surprisingly pleasant, unexpected compared to the shoddy label. They have numerous beers on the shelf which gives it the appearance of a well established brewery. I think we lucked out at their best. 

We're happy to announce it's actually Kenfucking good just like a cheap and cheerful English speaking Brazilian hooker. Goes down smoothingly easy. Like the aformentioned English speaking Brazilian hooker. Trying to keep up with market leaders like Brewdog and Stone brewery but unfortunately just misses the mark by a farmers mile. This doesn't take away from the pleasing taste but there's just not enough to get it past the post of the Bob Law Derby. Worth a try but in the long run notforal.com.

Rating: Reasonable Refreshment/Stamp of Approval

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