"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." -Henry Lawson

Sunday, 17 April 2011


 Samichlaus (14%)

Chocolate in colour with no head on the pour, this beer with a whopping 14% Abv tickles the balls not the throat on consumption! The Tom Waits of beers, completely unique and uncategorizable. A savoury slow sipper, beer equivalent of mulled wine. A somewhat dangerous whistle wetter for novices, don't approach this drink naively as it will blow the balls off of you. Full flavoured but far from your regular beer affair, this is an experience of almost epic proportions. Samichlaus is in a class of it's own.
Rating: Almost Arousing


Duvel (8.5%)

This is a favourite of Bob Law and is a fantastic complex Belgian beer that we always find ourself coming back to. It's surprisingly golden in colour with a good head and has a pleasant, fruity "apple-like" fizzy aftertaste. It doesn't taste like a typical strong Belgian beer. - Recommended

Rating: Stamp of approval/One scrumptious solution


  Grozet Premium Beer (5%)

This is quite a light beer but very much lacking in originality. Behind the citrus flavourings (gooseberries) this drink has not much else going for it to help it stand out from the crowd. The citrus feel is a nice touch but can be compared to adding a novelty flavour to a chocolate bar in an attempt to conceal it's relative blandness.

Rating: Average at Best

Brewdog Special

Brewdog Brewery Special

We tested 3 of the Brewdogs flagship beers - Trashy Blonde (4.1%), Punk IPA (5.6%) and 5am Saint (5%). These delightful drinkable beers have a wonderful flurry of flavours but each varies in strength with their own individual personality. The Punk IPA has sentiments of peat burning like that of an old country pub and reminds me of a worn coppery roof... The Trashy Blonde is similar but as expected is a little lighter to taste. The 5am saint is the fruitiest of the aforementioned and grows in charisma with every sip. These beers also have a coffee like taste reminiscent of a sassy French cafĂ©. Great company, with great beers.
Rating: Stamp of Approval