"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." -Henry Lawson

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Brugse Zot

Brugse Zot (6.0%)

Nice label, (It's a Joking Van Persie Jester!) This beer has an initial cloudy look but is fresh and crisp.It's an interesting full flavoured beer that is fizzy and refreshing. It's typically Belgian and smells leathery in a good way. Simply put, it's a nice drink. Jean-Claude Mc Damme (a.k.a Timecop) should be advertising this, instead of Coors.

Rating: Stamp of Approval

Odell's Red Ale

Odell's Red Ale (6.5%)
Fantastic scent, the bang of hops from it is invigorating. NICE! x2. Hops galore with a fantastic old fashioned label. It's a beer that gets right under the skin like Morgellons Disease. A slow sipper that is enjoyed like a Jersey cow grazing in a meadow. Advertised as a seasonal ale...... But it's one for all seasons in my humble opinion (the only one that matters!) ...A delightful copper whistle wetter.

Rating: Stamp of approval


Quilmes (4.9%)

Retro bottle... reminiscent of 70's pornography. "The boogie nights of beers" Comes with an unpleasant stench of Carlos Tevez' neck sweat. Not a great beer to be Frank, Ribery. One looks forward to getting it out of the way. Disappointing for a latino. I repeat.... I can't wait to get it over with. Murky like the Everglades... tastes like [insert homeless radio guy's name] Ted Williams/Toes.

Rating: Tear Beers


   Cubanero (5.4%)

Smells weird. Tastes like a wall. It's thick but smooth just like a sweet, elegant and sophisticated latino buttocks. Not an easy beer to tire of, but it's an easy going beer... just like Fidel's beard. Has a content feel about it, not too dissimilar to the country... I'd imagine. An all nighter, but not for a long term commitment.

Rating: Reasonable Refreshment