"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." -Henry Lawson

Friday, 25 July 2014

Odell 90 Shilling

  Odell 90 Shilling (5.3%)

Lavish label of lusty love. Comes with a hidden scent, a wafting Where's Wally (Waldo) to the nostrils. A welcome refreshment like a dip near a waterfall on a scorching summers day, or a spanish handjob after a 2 week dry spell. 

Tastes like a successful pretzely practical joke like over greasing a stripper pole giving you a sweet sense of fulfillment. The most casual of the Odells making it the Ballotelli's brother of beers. Loses points for being named after a form of beer taxation but nonetheless a delightful little amber ale. Approved.

Stamp Of Approval

St Austell Proper Job

   St Austell Proper Job (5.5%)

Powerfully hopped, no pussy footing around here. It has an awfully delayed aftermath. Phil Mitchell would approve. 20 second aftertaste. Niaaah. Interesting interaction in the off-licence. Its like a boxer or the alien that's trying to fuck Sigorney Weaver, you think its gone and it comes back for more. Very fruity, it grows on you like a fruity fungus, that said it just doesn't sit well with Bob Law. In the eternal words of Karl Pilkington...."not 'avin it, I'm not 'avin it"!

Tear Beers

Courage Best Bitter

  Courage Best Bitter (4%)

Oddly weird aromas not sure if I want to taste. The bar wench is weary and dubious......and shes right to be!! I suppose it's not bad.......if you're into licking warm paedophiles. It's a tastebud upsetter, a bedwetter. At a pissy 4% it throws as strong a punch as Muhammed Ali at the height of his parkinsons.  Not recommended for a one night thing, not recommended for forever!

Nauseating Goop