"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." -Henry Lawson

Thursday, 14 August 2014


   Silva (4.7%)

Oh sweet baby Jesus' virgin mother what the turd in the mouth is this! Tastes even worse than it's fellow country beer Ciuc. My brain has clearly shut down at the confusion of how this can be on the market. This lacklustre slop is polar opposite to the fantastic Romanian scenery. I couldn't even finish this foul, revolting smorgasbord of horribleness. It's not often I don't finish a beer but this Richard Simmons' stale urine in a glass has done it for me and I've had enough. There's certainly no Silva lining to this beers cloud. 

Nauseating Goop

Ciuc Premium

  Ciuc Premium (5%)

Bob Law has many MANY talents (just ask the ladies.....two African giraffe and a highly satisfied albino camel) but one of his strongest is his intuition and the look of this beer is telling me I'd rather lick the carpet lining in the trunk of OJ Simpson's Bronco. No surprises I'm correct. Bittersweet citrus aftertaste. Drinking this beer is as satisfying as beating a child at bowling....you've won, but no one will applaud you. It's cheap, sans the cheerful. Would recommend paying extra for a more enjoyable beverage or to pay Mike Tyson to bite off Paris Hilton's ear and serve it to me with a side of ranch dressing. This is a disgutingly dreary lager made for the sake of it and Im not sticking around to find out more. I'm definitely going to Ciuc this one in the bin.

Stomach Churning Fermentation