"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." -Henry Lawson

Monday, 11 April 2011

James Boags Premium Lager

   James Boags Premium Lager (5%)

This Tasmanian lager is a good all rounder with very accessible flavours to suit almost every taste. Evocative of buffalo. Possesses a crisp and clean aftertaste. Approoooved. (Sidenote: brewery website conveys a brewery of terror)

Rating: Stamp of Approval

Combined Harvest

  Combined Harvest (4.7%)

Smells like windmills, fruity and very agreeable on the palette. This beer has a coppery taste - windmilly. Has a pro-longed but slightly delayed aftertaste.

Rating: Reasonable Refreshment/Stamp of Approval

Švyturys Baltijos

     Švyturys Baltijos (6%)

A strong yet smooth dark beer with a fruity twinge. A balanced beer that's slightly spicy with an aftertaste that can be only described as weird. This is notformark.com

Rating: Average at Best/Reasonable Refreshment

Švyturys Ekstra

     Švyturys Ekstra (5.2%)

Critics seem divided with this beer, as in we like it and the rest don't. Interesting aromas. It is placed in the upper echelon on the richter scale of smoothness. Far from bland with subtle citrus hops flavours.

Rating: Stamp of approval