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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Zamocke Castle Dark Beer

  Zamocke Castle Dark Beer (5%)

The Zamocke Dark beer is not as refined as our last Slovakian tipple Bubak Tmave. The aroma has as much going on as the members of Coldplay's combined talents...not a lot. The location of the Zamocke micro-brewery however is fantastic, tucked neatly under the shadow of the castle. Enough about aesthetics back to the drink. It is also lightweight in comparison to the Bratislavsky. Goes down easy but is forgettable, actually worse....it's disappointment personified, if this beer was a person. Also sampled was the Zamocke lager and it is revolting, but not in a revolutionary way. In fact there's a tinge of ear wax off it. Chew on that.

Average at Best

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